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Web Based STOA Program...

Guidelines for smooth administration of STOA functions

The entire STOA process is online through our web portal https://www.srldc.in/STOATerms.aspx?linkid=1 and all Applicants and Utilities desires of STOA transactions with SRLDC may register with SRLDC through the above portal before submitting STOA applications.

Registration of Applicant

  1. All applicants have to register with SRLDC by submitting a request online by accessing the link stoa.srldc.org:8080/SRLDC_STOA >applicant registration. The applicants has to upload the following formats.
    1. Duly filled Format VIII
    2. If the applicant is a Trader,the Trading License issued by CERC
    3. If the applicant is a utility, make sure the utility is registered as a utility first.
    4. Bank Account details of the Applicant in prescribed format
    5. Copy of a cancelled cheque of the above Account.
  2. One of the e-mail Ids for communication should be an office e-mail Ids,like the control room id, which do not change with the change of officials. Whenever there is any change in the details furnished in the registration form, fresh registration form has to be submitted.
  3. On acceptance of registration request, the Login credentials will be mailed to the email id provided by the applicant in the Format VIII submitted by the Applicant.
  4. It is advised to submit registration request to all other RLDCs also so that the Applicant can submit STOA Applications pan India.

Registration of Utility

  1. Any utility desires of buying or selling power through STOA ,where SRLDC is the nodal RLDC has to register it with SRLDC.
  2. For Utility registration, submit the registration request online via link stoa.srldc.org:8080/SRLDC_STOA >Utility Registration. The duly filled up Utility Registration format along with connectivity details are to be uploaded to the respective links. On acceptance/rejection of the request, the same will be intimated to the applicant by email.
  3. Whenever there is any change in the details furnished in the registration form fresh registration form is to be submitted.
  4. It is advised to submit registration request to all other RLDCs also so that the Utility can buy/sell power through STOA pan India.

Processing of STOA applications and Downward Revisions

  1. All STOA applications and Request for Revisions are to be submitted online by the Applicants. The Applicant is also solely responsible for keeping all the concerned RLDC/SLDC/Utilities about the Approvals / Revisions/Curtailments etc.
  2. All applications for Advance, FCFS, Downward revision, Payment intimations, Registration requests, Discrepancy intimations shall also to be communicated to respective RLDC STOA e-mails (for SRLDC stoasrldc@posoco.in).
  3. Day Ahead and Contingency applications are also to be e-mailed to control room of all concerned RLDCs by the Applicant
  4. Request for revision of schedule in line with clause 6.5.19 of IEGC due to unit outage to be made to the shift in charge of SRLDC Control Room.
  5. Any queries related to processing/scheduling etc. of Day Ahead /contingency applications may be taken up with RLDC control room.
  6. Once the application is processed by SRLDC , the approval or rejection of the same shall be available for the applicants in the STOA online portal. It is the responsibility of the applicant to convey the same to all other concerned entities like RLDC/SLDC/injecting utility/drawee utility etc.

Verification of approvals and schedules.

  1. Applicants and SLDCs and STU’s have to cross check the approvals especially with regard to payment schedules for STU/POC/SLDC rates, energy and charges and any discrepancies has to be brought to our notice.
  2. Verify the STOA schedules on real time basis and point out any discrepancies to the Control Room shift-in-charge.

Payment of STOA charges and interest

  1. Once the payment of STOA charges is made, immediately furnish the details of payment in the prescribed Format. (copy of the details has to be submitted to the SLDC&STU involved in the transaction).Part payments against STOA transactions shall not be accepted. Any payment delayed beyond three working days from the due date of payment attracts a penal interest @0.04% / day for the number of days of delay. If TDS is deducted while making payments to SRLDC, the same shall be on PAN of POSOCO,POWERGRID,SLDC,STU for their respective portion in the payment schedule. Any TDS deducted on Interest shall be booked only in POSOCO PAN .For ready reference the PAN details of SLDCs and STUs are available in the link: However it is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm the same from respective SLDC/STU before affecting the deduction.
  2. Any delay in payments including interest and also non-submission of payment statement shall be treated as default of payment and the applicant will be blocked from the web portal and no further approval would be accorded for such applicants till the outstanding is cleared with applicable interest.
  3. Applicant has to submit copy of TDS certificate in the PAN of POSOCO to SRLDC. Along with the TDS certificate a statement of transaction wise details of TDS deducted for each RLDC is also to be submitted to enable POSOCO to trace the same in Form 26AS. Non-submission of TDS certificates would be treated as payment default and no further approval would be accorded till the default is cleared.
  4. Similarly the applicants have to submit TDS certificates to POWERGRID, SLDCs and STUs , if TDS is deducted in their PAN along with a statement of transaction wise details.

Disbursement and reconciliation of STOA charges

STU/SLDC Charges

  1. All SLDCs/STUs requested to furnish the postal/e-mail address, contact person name and contact no for communication.
  2. Disbursement of the charges collected would be done as per approved procedures and the disbursement details would be uploaded in SRLDC website at links http://srldc.org>Open Access>STOA Disbursements
  3. All concerned SLDCs/STUs could down load the same for verification and intimate discrepancy if any, within one week of publication of details.
  4. SLDCs shall reconcile the receipt of SLDC/STU charges after thorough verification and must send back a signed copy of the Disbursement statement by the end of the month for our records.

Refund to Applicants

  1. Any amount to be refunded in lieu of revisions/correction of approvals, curtailment of schedules, revision due to unit outage etc during a calendar month would be refunded to the applicants by 15th of the next month. This statement shell be uploaded in SRLDC website. http://srldc.org>Open Access>STOA Reconciliation Statement>STOA Refund Details
  2. Any discrepancies observed in the previous month disbursement/refund would be corrected and adjusted in the subsequent month disbursement. Hence all concerned entities/applicants shall verify the monthly disbursement /refund details and intimate us any discrepancy by the end of the month. Any claims beyond one month would not be entertained. In reconciliation applicants shall sign the receipt of refund amounts and send back to SRLDC within end of next month

Failure to comply

Any non-compliance of the following critical activities would entitle RLDC to reject further applications:
S.No. Activity Time limit
1 Submission of payment details in the specified format. By Next working day from the date of payment.
2 Enter the payment details in the web based STOA programme under menu payments entry By Next working day from the date of payment.
3 If payment is not received within three days of start of the transaction, approval would be cancelled with a penalty of two days charges Four days before the start of the defaulted transaction
4 Submission of TDS certificate to the respective RLDC/SLDC/CTU along with a statement of transaction wise details of TDS deducted for each RLDC after each quarter. By the end of first month of next quarter
5 SLDCs shall reconcile the receipt of SLDC/STU charges after thorough verification and must send back a signed copy of the Disbursement statement By the end of the month in which the payment received.
6 Applicants shall reconcile the refund amount received and send back a signed copy of the statement.. By the end of the month in which the payment received.

Contact Details:

S.No. Activity Whom to Contact e-mail Tel.No
1 Contingency/Day ahead approval Control Room srldccr@posoco.in 080-22254525
2 Real time Curtailment
3 Unit tripping and related issues
4 Real time schedule discrepancy
5 Implemented schedule discrepancy SO-II Department srldcos@posoco.in
(during 09:00 to 17:30hrs of Monday to Friday)
6 ADV/FCFS application approval OA Coordinator stoasrldc@posoco.in 918022263463
(during 09:00 to 17:30hrs of Monday to Friday)
7 Revision of ADV/FCFS approvals
8 All the matters related to Payment schedule
9 Payment related queries
10 Utility/applicant registration request
11 Issues with STOA web portal of SRLDC
12 Intimation of STU Losses and STU/SLDC Charges
13 Any other queries

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